1-Day Travel Rides

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Travel Rides are not recommended for riders that have limited riding experience. The rides consist of riding for anywhere from 2-8 hrs, depending on YOUR desired riding package. To be prepared for a travel ride it is NECESSARY for you to have recently spent at least 2 hrs at Sheeder Mill Farm on our local trail rides. 3-4 hrs of riding may not seem like a lot, but if you are not used to riding you will be very sore two days after your ride (some find it takes away from the enjoyment). We want you to be safe, happy, and wish to share what we love the most (horseback riding). Prior to going on a travel ride, you must be assessed by the staff at Sheeder Mill Farm so that we can match your riding ability to a particular horse. If anyone who is not experienced but wishes to participate in one of these rides, please check with Dori. She will make sure that she works with your riding skills and gets you to the level necessary to go on one of these rides. All you need is the desire to learn riding techniques and we can handle the rest.

The One Day Travel Rides go to a variety of different locations. On these rides the horses are trailered to your riding location and you meet up with the trailer (or you can meet us at the farm and follow us to your chosen riding location). You then ride for 3-4 hrs depending on your riding stamina. Different rides have locations along the way to stop, rest, and grab lunch. On rides that do not have this option you can bring lunch and drinks (NO GLASS PLEASE) with you, pack it in saddle bags and stop for a picnic lunch along the way. For the St. Peters Ride you start from the farm and ride to St. Peters Village. There is a place where you can buy your lunch. Some people then decide to ride the horses back to the farm for a total length of about 6 hrs of riding time, or it is also possible to just go one way for a total of 2 1/2-4 hrs of riding (depending on your riding experience & pace that we travel). Green Lane is a nice location where there are many cross country jumps available (for experienced riders; inexperienced riders can go around the jumps). Some of the trails wind around a large lake, through woods, and fields. Evansburg State Park also has cross county jumps and a restaurant/pub. The Perkiomen trail is a wide trail that goes for miles and miles. It is all cinders so the footing is ideal for trotting and cantering. This ride has MANY stops for eating and one stop for a cold one. :-) There are several other locations not mentioned here, but ask and we will gladly describe the terrain of the other locations.

Intermediate, experienced, and advanced riders may also inquire about our 2-4 day Travel Overnight Trail Rides as well..

Location:        *Green Lane (cross country jumps and lake available.)
                           **Valley Forge Park
                         ***Perkiomen Trail
                         ***Evansburg State Park
                         ***St. Peters
For information about the different eating options (*/**/***) see the corresponding information listed under food.

Riding Time:
Average riding time is between 2-4 hrs depending on riding level of each reservation and the pace of the least experienced rider. Additional riding time is available.

Capacity: For the travel rides there no longer  is a minimum requirement of  riders and a maximum limit of 4 custormers (due to having only 1 driver with a Class A liscense).

The day of week and time of departure is up to you. We require that you make your reservation 2-3 weeks in advance for weekend One Day Rrides and 1 week in advance for weekday One Day Rides.

If you choose to include a picnic on your ride you have two options. You can either bring your own food with you or bring money to purchase your meal at restaurants along the way, provided you chose a ride that has a restaurant.

    * Bring your own food
  ** Restaurant and/or deli available
*** Bar and/or restaurant available


1.  St. Peters Ride (the below prices are for this ride only!) Groups of 3-4 will have 10% off.
            1 way trip (weekdays) is $140.00/rider
            1 way trip (weekends) is $175.00/rider
            Round trip (weekdays) is $240.00/rider
            Round trip (weekends) is $275.00/rider

2. Rates for Green Lane, Valley Forge, Evansburg State Park, Perkiomen Trail, Birdsboro, and many other areas.                      
                        Special Weekday rate:
                                        $150-$325/person (food/beverage not included) depending on distance & length of Ride
                                        $65.00/person with own horse and tack
                        Weekend rate:
                                         $175-$300/person depending on distance & length of Ride
                                         $85.00/person with own horse and tack

3. New customers : A deposit of 20% is required. If the deposit is paid by check we must receive the check 5 banking days prior to reservation. If deposit is paid in cash, we must receive it 24 hrs prior to reservation. The balance is due in cash prior to your ride.

4. Gratuity is not included in the above listed prices. Please add at least 15%-20% gratuity.

For more information, i.e. availability, directions, etc., please:

Phone: (610) 469-9382
E-mail: Sheeder1@aol.com
Last Revised 6/22/2015
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    No Age & No Reasonable Weight Restrictions

All business and visitation is by appointment only. Our home and business are one in the same please respect our privacy.

Open 7 days a week, year round

Hours of operation 10  a.m. – an hour before dark

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CASH ONLY or PAY PAL 5 days prior to your reservation 

You are financially responsible for the number of horses reserved unless canceling within 4 hrs. of your time of departure.

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