We are a family run farm, in it's 4th generation, that has offered horseback riding since the early 1970's.  We have horses and ponies for all levels and ages as well as English and Western saddles. All rides are guided through beautiful, scenic Chester County. Trails wind along the French Creek, dirt roads, wooded areas and streams. Our specialty is teaching safe, effective skills and proper balanced riding. Extra time is spent with timid riders or those who require extra help. We Love Our Horses and feel it is important that all riders respect their mount and ride correctly! We would like to share with you the enjoyment of these wonderful animals. We breed, raise and train our own horses and they are like family to us.

***Please note:
Reservations are required and are scheduled over the phone only. 

    No email for scheduling please.  We are not near the computer often enough.

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Venmo can be a form of payment:  @sheedermillfarm

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Before scheduling please read the following:

What sets your services apart?
As family owner/operators, and residents at this farm, we have a direct stake in ensuring that your experience here be the safest and most enjoyable possible.  It’s a lifestyle choice!  The beautiful setting and trails here speak for themselves.  We work hard to keep the horseback rides small sending your reservation out with your own private guide.  We only use strong, sound horses, and hear many favorable comments about their excellent condition.  The skilled guides who work here know how to set horses and people at ease, and are trained to prioritize safety. Their services are a central asset, of course we think they’re the best guides around!

Are gratuities appropriate?            
Your guides always appreciate a tip in recognition of skilled, attentive private service.  Most of our guides work off of tips. We suggest 15-20%

Do you have gift certificates available?
Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount, which you are welcome to pick up here, or simply send a check with a self-addressed envelope and we can mail one anywhere.

Do you have a weight limit?
Yes we do, however we do not like to post it because it changes based on what horses are available at that time. We must have the truthful weight of each rider who is above average; if you are in doubt, please err on the side of overestimation. If upon arrival the riders are of questionable weight, we have a scale on-site. If a rider is too large for the horse reserved, they may not be able to ride since there may be no larger substitutes available. To avoid possible embarrassment, delay or reducing the length of  your ride please be honest!  Larger riders must ride the larger and taller horses. Our horses do not carry more than 20% of their body weight and that includes their tack.
We require honest and accurate weights to properly pick your mount. If you provide inaccurate weights, we may not have a substitute horse available, in which case you are still financially responsible whether you ride or not.

Do you get a refund if you back out when you arrive for a ride?
 We don't want you to ride if you are frightened. Horseback riding should be fun and enjoyable. However, we have reserved your horse for you, turned away other riders, tacked up your horse specifically for you.  Therefore, we ask that you pay for your ride if you back out or only take part of the ride.

What about bad weather, do you ride?
We ride rain or shine and are open all year round.  If you decide not to ride please call to cancel at least 3 hours in advance.  Please respect our horses and staff and provide them with enough time for cancellations, don't wait until the last minute and please don't be so ignorant as to not show without canceling.

Will I get my full ride if I arrive late?
Chances are no!  If you arrive late and we allow you to take the full length ride we will run late for the next party.  It is also not fair for our staff to work after hours because of your late arrival.  This is why we ask that you arrive 20 minutes early to allow us enough time to do our part and get you on your horses and out for your scheduled ride.  Yes, there are emergencies sometimes and we understand that and can work with you if we get a phone call no later than 1 hour prior to your scheduled ride. Again if we receive  a phone call in advance of the time you are due to be here we will do our best to accommodate your full ride. 

Must read information:

  1.   A liability release must be read and signed by all riders or their legal guardians before the ride. Arrive 15-20 minutes early to read and sign releases and for minors to be fitted with a helmet.
  2. All riders are recommended to wear long pants and sneakers. No sandals, open toed shoes, open backed shoes, high heels, hiking or construction boots. Hiking and construction boots will get caught in the stirrups therefore are not safe to ride in. Cowboy boots should only be worn if they are not smooth on the bottom. The stirrup is to be placed on the ball of the foot not the arch/heel of the foot.
  3. All riders must follow the guides' instructions throughout the ride. Failure to follow instructions can result in immediate termination of your ride without a refund. These instructions are for your safety and enjoyment of riding our beloved horses.
  4.  We will travel at the pace of the least experienced rider in your reservation. Do not ask if we can “Run” the horses. This will be an automatic giveaway that you are not a horse person.  Safety comes first so we will work with your riders but will only travel at the pace that is safe for everyone. We want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy their ride.
  5. We will trot if all riders are balanced in the saddle. All riders must be able to do a posting trot.
  6. We will only canter in small groups that are intermediate plus levels. All riders must be in full control and balance at all times.
  7.  Larger/heavier riders will stick to a walking pace.  The trail we use for larger riders is geared for the horses comfort and safety, it may not be the usual trail ride. Horses that are used for the larger riders are not built for fast riding. If we do not offer to trot or canter than Please respect our horses comfort and safety.
  8. People who are very nervous about riding should not ride until they are comfortable around the horse. We recommend a visit with the horses, followed by a ride in the ring (which is a flat, closed-in arena), then a 1/2 hr. trail ride.
  9. Parties with young children should consider a riding lesson in the ring prior to riding on the trails. This will give us the chance to work with them on proper riding technique. The lesson and trail ride can be done back-to-back when pre-arranged.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign the liability release and to have minors (under 18 years of age) be fitted with a helmet. To be clear for all: If you arrive late, that will cut into your ride time. There are no refunds or credit of time. If you are late for a concert, they do not stay and play longer because you did not arrive on time.  They also do not issue a refund for only watching part of the concert.

We look forward to guiding you through scenic trails and providing a safe and enjoyable ride for all ages and experience levels.

What we offer:

How Things Work:
  • Reservations are required. Groups of 10 or more need a 7-14 day notice, a 50% deposit and must fill out and send in the group contract.
    • Under 10 riders:
      • 1-2 day notice for non holiday weekdays is ideal.
      • 2-3 day notice for weekends and holidays.
      • Same day reservations are accepted on first call, first serve basis but may be charged an extra $5/ rider.
  • No Age & No Reasonable Weight Restrictions. (We reserve the right to use our scale if needed.)
    • However, we must be notified of this at the time your reservation is scheduled.
  • All business and visitation is by appointment only please.
  • We are open 7 days a week, weather permitting, 365 days a year. Holiday rates apply for Christmas and Thanksgiving add 20% to regular rates.
  • We are open for riding from 10 AM until 2 hours prior to dark by reservation only.
    • All reservations are scheduled and depart on the hour, a 15 to 20 minute early arrival is required. Late arrivals will not get their full amount of riding time. However, you are financially responsible for what was scheduled.
  • Payments are CASH ONLY
    • If paying prior to the day of your ride, you can pay via venmo or PAY PAL
      • If using paypal (add 3% for credit card), send payment as "gift" to
  • Prices do not include gratuity for your guide(s)
    • Please add 15-20% for your guide(s)
  • You are FINANCIALLY responsible for the number of riders, the length of ride and type of ride you reserved.
    • We ask that you call to cancel or change any part of your ride at least 3 hours in advance for groups less than six riders.
      • For groups of more than 6 riders please provide 12 hours notice for any changes to your reservations.
  • Helmets are provided here at the farm. 
    • Anyone under 18 years of age will be required to wear a properly fitted helmet.
    • Adults are encouraged to wear them, please speak up and get help getting fitted if needed.



Once riding levels are assessed, horses are chosen to suit riding abilities. Please do not request horses for your friends or horses that you have not ridden, let us do our job. Too often when someone is not knowledgeable about their experience level and requests a horse that is unsuitable for themselves, they are over mounted. This can be very dangerous and a very unwise decision on ones' behalf. If this happens we will have to take time out of your riding time to switch you to a more suitable horse.  Accuracy and total honesty about each persons riding level is essential.

 Our goals are: organization, providing quality mounts, and offering an enjoyable, relaxing, safe experience for everyone.

A timely arrival is necessary. Late arrivals will be subjected to penalized riding time. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early, especially: if your reservation includes more than 6 riders, special horses are reserved, particular guides have been requested, it's your groups first time or you are bringing your own tack.

We are able to accommodate most sizes of riders and riders with special needs but we Must be notified of this when you make your reservation. If you fail to inform us of a special need and we are required to bring in a more appropriate horse, the time taken to bring in, groom, and saddle the horse will be deducted from your riding time.  The standard by which we determine the maximum weight our horses can carry is by taking 15% to a max of 20% of their body weight,  the saddle they carry is factored in as well.  We will also take trails and go at a pace that is suitable for the horse with larger riders. Please be honest with weights and heights.

Riders without reservations are charged an extra $8 per person.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: All reservations are financially responsible for the number of horses they reserve, length and type of ride reserved.  You have up to 3 hours before your reservation  to make any final changes to your reservation without being financially penalized. This includes but is not limited to weight of riders. We require honest and accurate weights to properly pick your mount. If you provide inaccurate weights, we may not have a substitute horse available, in which case you are still financially responsible whether you ride or not. If you are running late please call and inform the farm.  We ask that you call so your horses will not be bridled and waiting with tight girths.   Not phoning the farm is unkind to the horses. Again a timely arrival is appreciated by ALL and required to ride the full length you have scheduled! 

                                                                                How to Pay for the ride:
**The prices below do not include gratuity for your guide. Please add 15-20% to the prices listed below.**  
Prices are valid except for Holidays.  Holiday rates are an extra 20% per rider on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving

Venmo can be a form of payment:  @sheedermillfarm
Trail Riding Rates         Single rider rates (Means only yourself and a private guide)                                                 
30 minutes:        $40 per rider                                                               $50
45 minutes:        $50 per rider                                                               $60           
1 hour:                $60 per rider                                                               $70
1 ˝ hour:            $100 per rider                                                               $110
2 hours:              $120 per rider                                                             $160
2 1/2 hours:        $160 per rider                                                             $190
3 hours:              $240 per rider                                                             $260
 4 hours:             $310 per rider                                                             $360

Children riding in front of parent or guide are charged:    Suitable for average age of 4 and under! (The saddles are only so big, older children will not fit on the same saddle.)
 30 minutes:  $35        45 minutes:   $40      1 hour:     $45                   

Pony Rides: great for birthday parties at the farm, building the confidence of younger children around horses, letting younger children enjoy horses without the pressure of a lesson.
30 minutes: $50 per pony
45 minutes: $60 per pony

Part of the time can be spent grooming the pony if desired.  Please let us know that at time of reservation.

Lessons :

   Private                         Group(2-5 riders)         Group(6 or more riders)
1/2 hour  $55                $50/person                          N/A
45 min:    $65                $55/person                        $55/person
1 Hour:   $75              $65/person                        $65/person

          Group: (consists of 2 or more riders, you make the group)  There are no age requirements for lessons. Our lessons are geared at teaching detailed control and proper equitation for the beginner, timid,  rusty rider, child, or adult. Our lessons are suitable for families as well as individuals. Lessons are a good way to gain experience and confidence for horseback riding vacations, dude ranch excursions, hunting trips, or for anyone who wants to improve their riding skills.  You can split your lesson time between the ring and the trail.  This is a nice way to break up your riding and put your skills to use on the trail. Let us know where (ring or trail or a combination) you would like to lesson at the time you schedule your ride.

Picnic Ride Rates:
Groups of 2-4:                        Groups of 5 or more riders:
45 minutes: $50 per rider                            45 min: $60 per rider
1 hour: $60 per rider                                   1  hour: $70 per rider
1.5 hour $110 per rider                                 1 1/2 hour: $115 per rider
2 hour: $130 per rider                                 2 hour: $135 per rider
A Fire is and extra $30 per reservation.
Food and beverage is not included in price.

Please pack your picnic in backpacks that can easily be carried on the ride if needed.

     The total time the horse is away from the farm is considered your total cost.
        We have  built a picnic table  in the woods along our  property for your use.  The picnic table is situated just a few feet from the creekside, nestled under the tree canopy.  At the end of your trail ride, you will be dropped off by horse at the picnic site. (for groups of more than 4 riders you will walk down to the picnic site after your ride and walk back to the barn when done) There you are welcome to stay as long as you like, until the next picnic ride arrives or dark, whichever comes first.   The setting is very private, peaceful, and just plain relaxing.  Bring a blanket if you like.  When you are done with your picnic you will walk back to the farm along a foot path.  The walk is 1/4 mile along  the creek. Wear old shoes.  Please remember to take all trash back to the barn.
        Depending on the time of year, we can have a campfire set up & started when you arrive at your picnic site.  Let us know this in advance.   Bring your wine, cheese, crackers or whatever you like. It is a great way  for larger groups to catch up and enjoy some nice fresh country air!  The picnic site books up quickly on the weekends in the fall so book in advance for this. 
fire    fire     picnic    picnic
    picnic    picnic    picnic

Group Ride (6 or more riders in a group): For groups with several younger children or groups that require a lot of hands on teaching, please go to group lesson rates above. Larger groups require more staff to be called in on that day to assist with teaching on these rides.  Group rides almost always need more instructions before and during the ride to make them go smoothly.  Horses have a monkey see, monkey do way of going on larger groups.  So, if one horse stops to eat and the rider does not know how to properly communicate with that horse, all the horses will stop and eat and we won't get very far.  We are very happy to provide as much instruction that is needed to have the riders communicate with their horses correctly.  Riding is like learning a new language, think of your guides as translators.  There are a lot of moving parts to the puzzle and you must learn them at a quick pace, that is why were are here to help.  We are there to help provide you with safest, most enjoyable and informative ride that we can. 

45 minutes: $55 per rider

1 hour:   $65  per rider

1 ˝ hour:   $105  per rider

2 hour: $125 per rider  

        Group rides are  required to pay 50% deposit 14 days prior to your scheduled ride, the balance is paid in cash.  Deposits are non-refundable, however in case of inclement weather deposits can be credited to another date or ride selection, if you call to inform us of the change! 

The best thing to do is call with your group’s #, height, weight, ages of children, and specific needs. Depending on some group sizes and ages of children, there is a need for us to split the groups into smaller sizes.  Children should plan on bringing properly fitting bike helmets or they can use our helmets. You must plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled ride for groups of more than 10 riders.  Late arrivals will be subject to penalized riding time!

Please print names, full signatures and follow all directions on filling out:  Group Rate Contract

Contracts can be faxed to 610-469-0823 or mailed to: 12 Sheeder Mill Rd Spring City Pa. 19475 along with the deposit, cks made out to Dori Wade

People looking to camp or stay in the area: 

 Another option: On our home page we do have several B&Bs
French Creek State Park is not too far from the farm

One Day Travel Ride:

These rides are for our regular customers and or our boarders, preferably at the  intermediate to advanced level .

Lease (4 weeks): (Click here for lease page)

Cost:  $695.00   for 4 weeks

Leasing allows you to try different horses with unlimited weekday use.  Weekends and holidays are limited to 2 hours per day.  This is also a good way to try horses you may be interested in purchasing. There are additional fees.  The horse  does not leave the farm during the lease. 

  Boarding at Sheeder Mill Farm is offered to horses who were  purchased from us.

--$500.00 for 4 weeks .

-- $525.00 for a month. 


 Our horse training program is geared towards starting and finishing horses for trail riding. More involved training such as preliminary show training can be performed, if interested please inquire about separate pricing. We use natural horsemanship techniques including a round pen and various skills adapted from clinicians such as: Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and several others in addition to skills that we have learned on our own over the years. In advance of your horse's arrival we ask that you tell us in writing what specific things you want done with your horse. We will teach those skills to the horse first and then we will work with you to make sure that you know how to correctly ask the horse what he/she has been taught.  For more information, go to Training page & Training Contract  for a more detailed overview of our training, prices, and training contract.  We use the same methods to train your horse as we do ours.

Horse Sales: 

Most of our horses for sale are listed on our website with prices, disciplines, photos, and descriptions. Running a farm is time consuming. We are not available to show horses without an appointment. 

Prior to making an appointment please: 

Sheeder Mill Farm

12 Sheeder Mill Road

Spring City, Pa 19475



Phone: 610-469-9382

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