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seamus LCS RUGGED LARK ,"Seamus" Foaled 5/19/06 Registered Appendix QH gelding, Incentive Fund Enrolled,15.2. Dam: Berry Larky Girl. Sire: Leeway's Chaps Gorgeous markings on this gelding.  He has a very sweet personality and loves attention.  He is very intelligent, very athletic, and a wonderful mover. He always ribbons at the shows!  Bloodlines include Rugged Lark. Seamus is currently being used in our riding program.   Click here for more photos of Seamus. Please click here to view Seamus's extended pedigree.  

dyllon     dyllon " Dyllon"   Sadie's 5/28/2008 Reg. Appendix QH Foal 15.2-15.3 hands
        Sadie Reg. QH   Sire: Leeways Chaps.   Click here to see sibling: TristanSassy.  Please click here for extended pedigree.     Click here for more pics of Dyllon. Dyllon has been used for some gaming for beginners. He is great on the trails and does well with beginner through advanced level riders.  He has a nice laid back personality. He is used for both young beginner children and more experienced riders.  Dyllon has 1000s of hours on the trails.  Sold! Congratulations Linda.

Sold  "Sassy" foaled 2009 Dam:Sadie Palomino Filly, "Sassy"  Sassy is a really nice mare.  She has the quiet laid back personality that makes her excellent for trail riding.  She is great with traffic, wildlife, water crossing, atvs, etc... If asked, she will move out nicely. Sassy is used in our trail riding program for beginners to advanced level riders.   For pedigree click on Dyllon's or Tristan's pedigree. Sassy is a full sister to Dyllon and Tristan. Click here for more pics of Sassy. 

Home Raised, LCS Sky Bug Bingo "Winston": (D.O.B 5/10/05)APHA registered gelding.   He is a very tall, very flashy colt who loves people and is great with shots and worming. He is currently 16-16.1 hands. Winston is currently being used in our riding program.   Dam: RB Kind Lady "Chica" Sire: Leeways Chaps Click here for more photos of Winston.   Click here to see his siblings: Renegade,  Hannah,  Hamilton,  Jade.   Please click here for Winston's extended pedigree. Sold: Congratulations Nadine!

oxford Oxford:  15.2 Hand Grade paint mare foaled in 1997. She wad used for children and novices as well as more advanced riders.  She has been used as a broodmare and has thrown paint markings to both of her two children. She does have a scar in one eye.   To View more photos of Oxford Click Here!  See her first foal J.D. . Her 2003 paint filly Freedom by Leeways Chaps.   Sold: Congratulations Dee!

corona  Corona:  8 Year old (2015)Belgian cross mare who stands 16.3 hands. Great mare.  Excellent for the farrier, vaccines, worming, saddling, great with traffic, crossing water and excellent on trails. Suitable for the beginner to more experienced rider. We currently use Corona in our trail riding business. We are not looking to sell any of our trail horses but we do offer them for sale.   Sold: Congratulations Paige, Liz and Family!

whit    whitney filly LCS SCOTTISH HANCOCK "Whitney" Foaled 5/7/07  Faith's 2007 15.2 hand Red Roan.  . Reg. Appendix QH Filly, Incentive Fund Enrolled.  Great color with nice conformation.  Whitney is a really great sensible mare.  She has a quiet personality which makes her ideal for beginners.  She loves trail riding but also enjoys barrel racing and pole bending with the kids.  She is currently used in our trail riding program by beginners to advanced riders.  She is great on the trail with traffic, wildlife, water crossings, etc...  Full sister: Melody.  Sire: Leeway's Chaps        Click here to see Whitney's extended pedigree.  Click here to view more pictures of Whitney.   SOLD: Congratulations Cheryl and Joe! Whitney is as nice as they come.

k        Kody is a 6 year old (in 2013)Percheron cross.  16 Hands, Red Roan gelding.  He is a really nice sturdy horse that goes well on the trails for beginners to advanced level riders.    Click here for more pics of Kody. Sold! Congratulations Cynthia!

Congratulations Gerri on the purchase of your two girls Ivory and Journey!

  Rowdy Sarah Blue "Sarah"  3/13/96  Blue Roan, Reg. QH & Reg. NFQH 84%  15.2 hands.  Foundation bred. Born and raised in Texas. She is a  large, well built, Blue Roan Mare, very correct.  Click here for her Pedigree.  Her breeding is Blue Valentine, Happy Hancock, and Go Bug Go.  To see Sarah's sire Figure Four Blue click here.   Take a look at Rowdy  her 2004 filly,  Velvet her 2005 Filly, Colby her 2006 blue roan gelding, Daisyher 2007 filly, and her 2008 blue roan colt Wiley. Sold Congratulations Michael!

head  Home Raised, Chaps Royal Lady "Margarita" (D.O.B 4/23/03) Registered Appendix QH mare, 14.3 hands. Margarita has been ridden extensively on the trails and in the ring.  She is a great gaming horse, excellent with barrel racing and pole bending.  She is a very quick mare. She has great bloodlines including Boston Mac, Three Bars, King Jacket, Quincy Dan, King, Joe Reed, Skipper W, Wimpy, and Bill Cody. Sire: Leeway's Chaps   Dam: Custom Royale    Click here for  more photo of Margarita
Click here to see Margarita's Extended Pedigree.   Sold Congratulations Robert B. of Apex, NC.   

silverado"Silverado"  Click here for more photos. (D.O.B. 6/22/03) TB/MFT, 15.2-15.3  hands. Silverado has mandy hours of experience on the trails. He is suitable for an intermediate to experienced rider. He is great with traffic, mud, dogs, tractors, etc... He is a nicely gaited gelding. Click her to view more photos of Silverado. Sire:Sheeders Pride Dam: Kira     
Congratulations Susan!  I hope the both of you enjoy the many miles of trails ahead of you.

melody   LCS LADY MCCUE "Melody" Home Raised, Foaled 5/4/06 Registered Appendix QH filly, 15.2 Hands. Dam: Faith  . Sire: Leeway's Chaps, Incentive Fund Enrolled   Solid build, has the true Foundation QH conformation, nice deep hip, large bones, great muscling.
Click here to see Melody's extended pedigree. 
  Melody is currently being used for trail riding and gaming. She is a very quiet mare and is suitable for the beginner to advanced level rider.    Full sister: Whitney. 
Click here for more photos of Melody.
Congratulations Laurie!

sierra          sierra     LCS FANCY Q TON  "Sierra"      Savannah's 5/6/2008 Reg. APHA Foal
        Savannah  Reg. APHA.   Sire: Leeways ChapsClick here to see siblings: Cadence and Montana. Please click here to see extended     pedigree.     View video @
Congratulations Patti & Happy Trails in CT!

wyatt Home Raised,  LCS SIR QUINCY DAN "Wyatt" Foaled 4/22/07   Royale's 2007 Reg. Appendix QH gelding.  Incentive Fund  enrolled.   See his sire Leeway's Chaps (15.2 hands) and his dam Custom Royale(15 hands).  Full sisters: Charisma 06 foal, Maggie 05 foal, Emma 04 foal, Margarita 03 Foal, 08 foal Reba..  Click here for Wyatt's extended   Pedigree Click here for more photos of Wyatt. 
Congratulations Grant! We would love to see him in action this fall.

colorado    colorado "Colorado" LCS Q TON PEPSY,  Foaled 5/3/07 Carolina's 2007 Reg. APHA Colt.   Sire: Leeways Chaps.   Please click here for Colorado's extended pedigree.     Click here to view more photos of Colorado.    Congratulations Carole!

maude Home Raised, Maude: (D.O.B 7/12/95) home raised Standardbred/TWH Mare 15.2 Hands. Congratulations Donna!

fairfaxFairfax: Home Raised 1999 gelding out of Pushbutton ( TWH) by Stetson (MFT)  Congratulations Channin! 

nadia         Home Raised, LCS Q Ton Poco Ranger "Nadia":  (D.O.B 5/5/05) APHA registered filly.  Her Dam is Arapaho Cowgirl "Carolina" and her Sire is : Leeways Chaps Click here for more photos of Nadia.   Click here to see pictures of her siblings:  Toby & Colorado   Please click here for Nadia's extended pedigree.           Sold, Congratulations  Paula and Robert of Fort Fairfield, Maine

georgia     Home Raised, Georgia, (D.O.B 7/13/05) Reg. AQHA & Reg. 91% NFQHA. 14.3 Hands Dam: "Sadie" Black Saturday AQHA # 4420429 Sire: Mr. Peppy San Chex,  AQHA.    Click here for more photos of Georgia.   Sold, Congratulations to Paula and Robert of Fort Fairfield, Maine 

velvet    Home Raised,   "Velvet" Reg. QH & Reg. NFQH 88%  D.O.B 2/18/05 Rowdy Sarah Blues's 2005 Blue roan foundation foal "Velvet".  15.2-15.3 hands. Her sire is a line bred Hancock stallion, 92% NFQHA (Click here for sire "Dba Cowboy Hancock")  Click here to see her dam, Rowdy Sarah Blue.  Click here to see more photos of Velvet.    Sold, Congratulations to the Brandolini family!

royale royale Custom Royale "Royale": 4/6/95 Registered AQHA mare who stands 15 Hands. She is 72% NFQH Her bloodlines include Qunicy Dan, Boston Mac, Three Bars, King, and The Ole Man.   Click here to view pedigree. See her 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, fillies and her 2007 colt above: "Chaps Royal Lady", "Chaps Royal Emma",  MaggieCharisma , Reba and Wyatt her 2007 sorrel colt. Sold, Congratulations to the Brandolini family!

molly Home Raised, Molly:  (D.O.B 12/17/00)home raised TWH mare, 15.2 hands.   See her sire Zorro, her dam Midnight and her half-brother Romeo. Click here for more photos  Sold, Congratulations to the Brandolini family!

romeo Home Raised, Romeo: (D.O.B 5/13/99) home raised MFT/TWH gelding 16.1 Hands.  See his sire Sheeder's Pride, his dam Midnight, and his half sister Molly.  Click here for more photos  

cadence         cadencecadence cadence     
Home Raised, LCS Tuffernhell "Cadence", Savannah's (D.O.B 4/30/06) Reg. APHA filly,15.2 Sire: Leeways Chaps   She has great bloodlines including Skipper W, Hank-A-Chief, Poco Star, Three Bars, Bill Cody, Wimpy, Q Ton Eagle, and Leo San Siemon.  . Click here to see Cadence's extended pedigree.    Click here to view more pictures of Cadence under tack.       Sold, Congratulations Kate!

hanna     Home Raised, Chaps Lady Hannah "Hannah" : (D.O.B 5/11/04) APHA registered filly, 15.3 hands.  Dam: RB Kind Lady "Chica",  Sire: Leeways Chaps  Click here for more photos of Hannah.   Click here to see pictures of her siblings: Renegade,  Winston, Hamilton,  Jade     Click here for Hannah's extended pedigree
Sold, Congratulations Erica!

destiny     Home Raised, Larks Rugged Destiny "Destiny"  (D.O.B 4/22/05) registered Appendix QH filly, 15.3 -16 hands.   Dam: Berry Larky Girl, Sire: Leeway's Chaps. Cick here for more photos of Destiny.   Please click here to view Destiny's extended pedigree.          Sold,  Congratulations to the Thomas family!

RB Kind Lady "Chica": 5/21/99 Homozygous Registered APHA tobiano mare 15.3 Hands. Chica is a very well bred mare whose bloodlines include: Coy's Bonanza, Joe Hancock, Leo, Joe Reed, Grey Badger III, Reed McCue, Skipper W, Three Bars, King, and Plaudit. Click here for her Pedigree.   To see photos of Chica's 2003 colt "Renegade", her 2004 filly Hannah, her 2005 colt Winston. , her 2006 colt Hamilton, and her 2007 filly Jade all by  Leeway's Chaps      Also, to see more photos of Chica click here.
 Sold, Congratulations to the Thomas family!

patriot    pat   Home Raised, Patriot: 6/15/2003 Home raised shetland cross gelding. 14 Hand. He is a full brother to both Autumn and Precious and the son of Sheeder's Pride. Click here to view more photos of Patriot.      Click here to view New Video of Patriot, Nov. 2009   Sold!  Congratulations Mallory!
cas Casanova: Belgian gelding 17.2 Hands, Casanova has been retired to the Buckland Ranch with Lynne and Scott.   Click here for more photos of Casanova 
eve Eve:  Percheron mare 16.2/16.3 Hands,  Eve has retired to the Buckland Ranch with Lynne and Scott.  Click here for more photos of Eve!!!

annie annie  "Annie", Red's 2007 filly. Grade filly born March 3rd 2007 

colby    Home Raised,LCS BLUE HANCOCK  "Colby" Foaled 5/18/06 Registered Appendix QH gelding,      Dam: Sarah Sire: Leeway's Chaps  Blue roan colt with star.  This colt is Incentive Fund Enrolled.  Click here to see more photos of Colby.  Click here to view Colby's extended pedigree.
  SOLD!  Congratulations Mark!

Home Raised, Leeways Renegade Chaps "Renegade".  (D.O.B 4/31/03) registered APHA gelding.  His dam is RB Kind Lady "Chica" and his sire is Leeways Chaps.   You can view photos of his full siblings: Hannah 2004, Winston2005, Hamilton 2006.  Look at his pedigree  Click here for more photos      SOLD!  Congratulations to Lynne and Scott!!!!

fl   Home Raised, Footloose: (D.O.B. 5/17/03)Belgian-X gelding, 15.3 hands.  His sire is an appendix quarter horse (Leeway's Chaps) and his dam is a belgian (Katelyn).  Three of his half siblings were purchased for showing/jumping/dressage. They can be seen on our horses sold page. Click here for more photos of  Footloose under tack.    SOLD!  Congratulations to Lynne and Scott!!!!

kira Home Raised, Kira:  (D.O.B 8/15/96)home raised TB mare, 15.3 hands.  See her first foal Cowboy and her 2003 foal Silverado. Click here for more photos Sold, Congratulations Carol.

daisy daisy LCS SKIPS VALENTINE (Appendix QH) "Daisy" 7/3/07 Incentive Fund Enrolled. Sorrel filly. Dam: Rowdy Sarah Blue Sire: Leeways ChapsClick here for here extended pedigree. 

red     red     "Red"  7 year old Grade QH type Mare.  You can view her grade 2007 filly Annie by clicking here. Click here to view more photos of Red.

blondie  Blondie: 16.3 hand mare. She foaled a large cute bay colt in 2006 & 2008 by Leeways Chaps. Click here for more Photos     5/11/08 Blondie Foaled a Bay Colt with 2 socks, blaze. "Big Ben", click here to view his photos.

Home Raised, LCS Q Ton Eagle "Remington"  (D.O.B 6/9/05) APHA registered gelding, 14.3 hands and time to grow. Dam: Docs Glory  "Indiana" Sire: Leeways Chaps  Click here for more photos of Remington.      Please click here for Remington's Extended pedigree  SOLD Congratulations Becky!!!!!!!!!!

kate Katelyn: Click here to see more photos of Katelyn!!!  She throws beautiful foals:look below to see Charisma, Journey, Princess ,Footloose, all  by  Leeway's Chaps   Katelyn is now in Retirement and living with 2 of her offspring.  Thanks Sydney!

kayla   Kayla is a home raised Missouri Fox Trotter-Tennessee Walker cross. (D.O.B. 4/20/99).  Click Here To View More Photos Of Kayla!  See her full sister Mocha, full brother Barron, and sire Zorro.  Stands about 14.2 hands. SOLD< CONGRATULATIONS KIM!

head Home Raised, Chaps Royal Emma "Emma"   (D.O.B 4/21/04)Registered Appendix QH  filly. She has outstanding bloodlines including Boston Mac, Three Bars, King Jacket, Quincy Dan, King, Joe Reed, Skipper W, Wimpy, and Bill Cody. See her sire Leeway's Chaps (15.2 hands) and her dam Custom Royale(15.2 hands). Visit both of her 2 full AQHA sisters: Margarita & Maggie.    Click here for  more photos of Emma.    E
CLICK here for Emma's Extended Pedigree.
 SOLD !  Congratulations Marylou.

colt       "Mystic"     Blondie's 2007 Bay gelding.Dam: 16.2 Hand Belgium, Sire: Leeways Chaps. 15.2 Hand Appendix QH
 Sold, Congratulations Kristi!

grace   Home Raised, Grace,   (D.O.B 4/12/03) home raised unregistered paint filly,14.3 hands. Click here to see more photos of Grace. Sold

indy Docs Glory "Indiana": (D.O.B 5/8/00) Homozygous Registered tobiano APHA mare, 15.1 hands Click here for  more photos of Indiana under tack. SOLD

Home Raised, LCS Boston Mac "Connor":   (D.O.B 4/20/05)APHA registered gelding. He has had a great deal of ground work and daily handling.  He should mature to 15.3+ hands.  A real nice mover and a beautiful colt.  Dam: Macs Little Chica "Cheyenne" Sire: Leeways Chaps. Click here for more photos of Connor. SOLD
connor    "Hi Jaime,
Here are a few pictures of Connor on Christmas day.  He is so good.  Elizabeth was ecstatic.  She can't wait to ride or just go see him every day now.  She begs to go to the farm daily.  It seems different now that she knows that he is hers. She has always been loving and compassionate with him but now it's more of a parent child relationship with him.  Getting him ready for this coming show season.  He seems to be her best friend." Cheryl

stetson   Home Raised, Sheeder's Pride "Stetson":  (D.O.B. 4/21/96) Blue Papered Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion 15.1
hunter     Home Raised, 2006 Belgian QH cross.

jose     Jose'  Arab cross.

  lark Berry Larky Girl "Lark":  (D.O.B 4/99)Registered AQHA mare, 15.1 hands,   She is 71% NFQH.  She is a granddaughter of AQHA Superhorse Rugged Lark, click here  for her pedigree. Click here to see photos of Lark's 2003 colt, Sterling. and his sire also, see her 2005 foal, Destiny.  Click here for more photosSOLD

cheynenne Macs Little Chica "Cheyenne": (D.O.B. 3/26/95)Registered APHA overo mare, 15.2 Hands .  Click here for her Pedigree.   See her foals Chiquita, HopeConnor, and her 2006 filly click here. To see more photos of Cheyenne  Click Here!  SOLD

hope   Home Raised, Leeways Little Chica "Hope":  (D.O.B 5/8/03) APHA registered mare, 15 hands,   Dam: Macs Little Chica "Cheyenne"  Sire: Leeways ChapsClick here to see her pedigree.   Click here for more photos of HopeSOLD

kawliga   Home Raised, LCS SWEET BONACUE "Kawliga",  Cheyenne's (D.O.B 4/22/06) APHA filly.  . Her dam is Macs Little Chica "Cheyenne"who is a 15.2 hand black overo mare with a foundation quarter horse build and great bloodlines with Boston Mac right on her papers! Her sire is Leeways Chaps a 15.2 hand appendix quarter horse with an awesome build and personality. Both of her parents have great conformation and personalities. SOLD

sterling   Home Raised, Larks Rugged Sterling "Sterling": (D.O.B 7/30/03)Registered APHA  gelding, 15 hands,     Sire: Romeos Blue Max  APHA.  Dam: Berry Larky GirlAQHA.     Sterling has great bloodlines including Rugged Lark (two time AQHA superhorse) and Blue Max. <SOLD>  Click here for more photos of Sterling.

colt Savannah's 2005  Reg. APHA: "LCS Q Ton Ace H"  SOLD Congratulations Ben & Leigh!

     filly Kate's 05' Filly,     Sold!  Congratulations John.

barron Barron: 4/7/00 MFT/TWH home raised gelding 16 Hands. Click Here to View more photos of Barron!   See his sire Zorro and his full sisters Kayla and Mocha         SOLD- CONGRATULATIONS HEATHER!

maverick Maverick: 6/1/01 Home Raised Paint gelding who stands approximately 15 Hands.   Click here to see more photos of Maverick. See his sire Leeway's Chaps. SOLD-CONGRATULATIONS KATIE!!

chiquita My Little Chiquita: 4/12/02 Home Raised Registered Paint breeding stock filly (pictured here at approximately one month old).  Her sire is Juan a Rebel APHA and her dam is Cheyenne. also see her half sister Hope.    UPDATE:   To see a photo of her under saddle click here. SOLD-CONGRATULATIONS JENNY!

sizzle Sizzle: 8/10/95(home raised) Shetland-cross filly 14 Hands. See sire Zorro. See full sisters Spice, Shawnee, Black Velvet, and half sisters Precious and Autumn.  CLICK HERE To See More Photos of Sizzle    SOLD Congratulations Nicole and Family. 

showing     showing

wrangler   Wrangler: 5/4/00 home raised QH gelding 14.3 . To see his sire see Leeway's Chaps and his dam Echo.     Click here to view more photos of Wrangler.   Congratulations Patti!

princess Princess: Home raised 15.2 Hand Belgian-cross filly born on 4/1/00.  For more photos of Princess click here   See her dam Katelyn, her sire Zorro, and her full sister Charisma.   Congratulations Barbara & Family, Mantua, Ohio!

madison   Congratulations Joan and Kirsten! 
Kelssys Lass "Madison": 1/6/97 Registered Appendix Quarter Horse mare.  

Mocha: 5/5/98 (Home raised)MFT/TWH filly 15.2 Hands.  Congratulations Jennifer!

Julius Julius: 7/13/99 (home raised)TWH Gelding 15.2 Hands. Congratulations Faith!

velvet     Black Velvet: 7/10/96 (home raised)Shetland-cross mare 14 Hands.   Congratulations Lisa on both of your new mares!
"Hi Girls!!!  Just wanted to let you know that both mares are doing very well!!!  We took Velvet to her first show last weekend and she rode in Pleasure Pony.  Out of 12 ponies, she placed 2nd in the trot and over fences!!!  We've been working on lead changes with her...she's very smart and willing, after just two days of work she's getting her lead changes!!!!    Jasmine is doing extremely well!!!  Dorothy absolutely loves her!!!  In her first show she took reserve champion in Novice Equitation...that was 5 days after we brought her home!!!  Last weekend she was reserve champion in Novice equitation at a different show!!!  She also took 1st place over fences in Low Hunter, out of 15 horses!!!I can't tell you enough how truly pleased I am with both of them!!!  They are both so nice to work around, and the lesson kids love them!!!  Take care, and keep in touch."   Lisa

jasmine   Jasmine: 4/28/87 (home raised/sire: Leeway) QH/TB mare 15.1 Hands.   Congratulations Lisa!!!!
Jasmine is doing extremely well!!!  Dorothy absolutely loves her!!!  In her first show she took reserve champion in Novice Equitation...that was 5 days after we brought her home!!!  Last weekend she was reserve champion in Novice equitation at a different show!!!  She also took 1st place over fences in Low Hunter, out of 15 horses!!!

sass Sassafras: 4/1/97(home raised) QH grade Mare 15.1 Hands.Congratulations Bonnie!!!.
" Sassy is very special and a great joy to me" Bonnie

spice    Sugar & Spice: 6/15/97(home raised) Shetland-cross filly 13 Hands.  Congratulations Hannah!
"We love Spice! She is doing great and really takes care of Hannah. They are both growing together. Spice is really learning fast and Hannah is improving in leaps and bounds. They make a great team. We will keep you updated. Spice is such a sweet pony." Patti

pushbutton Pushbutton: 4/24/93 Registered TWH mare 15 Hands. Pushbutton is a very cute mare who is used both as a broodmare and a trail riding horse. She has a lot of get-up and go, therefore we feel that she is suitable for an intermediate to an advanced rider.See her son Fairfax..  Congratulations Dodie!
"Howdy!        Wanted to drop you a line and tell you how she's doing!  We did our first endurance run this past weekend....30 miles.  She finished 1st in the heavyweight division (Whoo Hoo)  Boy, she is sure fun and I am sure glad I found her before someone else did!  Thanks a bunch!"      Dodie

lobo   Lobo: 7/21/91 Registered Missouri Fox Trotter gelding 15.3 Hands.   CONGRATULATIONS JUDY OF HANOVER, PA!   "Dori/Jamie,
I just need to tell you again how good Lobo is!  If he is a testament to
your training, you can use me as reference!!  Yesterday in 100 degree
heat and all the bugs that go with it, he had his feet trimmed, and then
later in the day he had his teeth filed by the dentist.  Each time as he
waited his turn, he was just tied to a tree while we rotated each horse
in and out.  The "professionals" that work on him, including the vet
that was there for foal shots at the same time, all tell me what a great
choice I made when I bought him.  I just need to tell you how pleased I
am with his manners!  And yes, the pony still bugs him!
Take care!"

charisma Charisma: 3/14/99(Home raised) Belgian cross filly 15.1 Hands  . See her dam Katelyn and her sire Zorro CONGRATULATIONS JAMIE OF NEWARK DELAWARE!

"Hi Jaime!!  I don't know if you remember much of me, but my name is Jamie W. and I bought Charisma last year.  I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how well we are doing!  We went to a few shows earlier this year (before it got too hot) and we placed in three out of four of them. She was picture perfect at each one:)  Where she is now, she is definitely the boss of the field and always gets her way!  She's got tons of personality, even more so than when I bought her, which makes her one of a kind.  I've also included some pictures.  I just wanted to thank you again!" 
Jamie      charisma

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