Training Contract

 TRAINING AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") made this          th day of            20      (year), by and between: _____________________________ hereinafter referred to as "Owner", and Dori Wade and assistants and Sheeder Mill Farm hereinafter referred to as "Trainer".
    WITNESSETH that Owner owns the below described horse and covenants with Trainer to train said horse for the purpose and under the terms hereto agreed as follows:   

1. Description of Horse and Delivery
    Trainer or owner agrees to arrange transportation to Sheeder Mill Farm  on  __________________ at Owner's expense the following described horse:

    Name of horse                           Age               Color                  Markings       Sex               Breed


2. Training and Terms of Payment 
    Owner shall pay a fee of Eight hundred fourty dollars ($840.00) for two weeks, One thousand one hundred fifty five dollars ($1,155.00) for three weeks, One thousand four hundred dollars ($1,400.00) for four weeks.
Additional training days are at a rate of sixty five dollars ($65) per day. Boarding only fee per day = $15.00.
All payments are as follows:
    (a) All payments must be paid in cash, money order, or certified check. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
    (b) Fifty percent due on the day of arrival.
    (c) Additional twenty-five percent due at the beginning of the second week.
    (d) The remaining balance is due on the last day of training or boarding.
    (e) A late fee of any payment is charged @$5 per day.
    We do offer trailering services @ eighty-five dollars ($85) for the first twenty (20) miles. Additional miles will be at the rate of  $1.75-$2.25 per loaded mile + tolls (depending on fuel prices at the time.) No extra fee is charged if your horse does not load well.  This is included in your cost of training/schooling.

3. Additional Expenses:
    Owner shall be responsible for all costs directly related to this Agreement, included but not limited to transportation, veterinarian bills, special grooming and bathing fees (other than normal grooming prior to tacking or bathing after work), and necessary special equipment.
Owners Responsibilities:
(a)  A current Coggins is mandatory

    (b)   A Necessity for our safety:  Provide traction on 4 shoes in the way of Borium, drilltex, or studs on heels and toes.

    (c)   Provide hay and grain for your horse during their stay.  Hay may be purchased from Sheeder Mill Farm for $4.65-$5.25 per bale depending on the type of hay purchased.

    (d)   Fill out two copies of this contract in full and sign both copies. 

    (e) Please bring along your horses headstall and full cheek snaffle bit, girth, and saddle pad.
 5.  Trainer Responsibilities
     (a) Trainer shall fulfill the duties in the best manner consistent with effective training practices.  Every attempt will be made to fullfill the needs of all owners.

Please list all goals below: 
This is to include goals for you, as well as your horse, please.  If additional space is needed, please enclose additional page.






    (b) Any extraordinary care over and beyond normal and regular maintenance requires prior written approval by Owner unless involving the most immediate emergency treatment.
   (c) If you require the use of a particular vet please check with your vet to make sure that they will travel to SHEEDER MILL FARM

Owner's veterinarian name ____________________ and phone number ________________.
If you do not provide us with your vet's name and phone number you authorize us to use Dr. John Dunn V.M.D.  PLEASE AUTHORIZE THIS WITH YOUR SIGNATURE_______________________________________________

    5. Term and Termination
    (a) Either party may terminate Agreement given three (3) days written notice, provided a final accounting by the Trainer is presented and all payments have been made by Owner prior to taking possession of said horse.
    (b) On termination, Trainer shall have a lien on said horse under Pennsylvania law for all unpaid charges on account. Payment must be made in full before said horse is released unless Trainer consents in writing.

    6 Insurance
    (a) Owner shall bear all risk of loss from death of or any harm to said horse unless such loss is caused by gross negligence of Trainer, his agents, contractors, or employees, in which case Trainer shall bear such loss.
    (b) If the Owner has an insurance policy Trainer must be provided with a copy.

1. I do have insurance for said horse (signature):______________________________________  date:___________________________

2. I do not have insurance for said horse (signature):___________________________________  date:___________________________

    7. Indemnification
    Owner agrees to indemnify Trainer unless otherwise provided by insurance against all liability or claims, demands, and costs for or arising out of this Agreement unless such are caused by the gross negligence of Trainer, his agents, contractors, or employees.

    8. Binding Effect
    (a) The parties hereto agree that this Agreement shall be binding on their respective heirs, successors, and assigns.
    (b) Failure of either party to abide by and perform any and all other terms, covenants, conditions, and obligations of this Agreement shall constitute a default and shall, in addition to any other remedies provided by law or in equity, entitle the wronged party to reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs related to such breech.

    9.Governing Law
    (a) This Agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. Any legal action must be brought in Chester County.
    (b) The parties to this Agreement mutually agree that any and all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement will be settled and determined by binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with said rules. Said arbitration shall take place in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

    10. Entire Agreement
    This constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties. Any modification or additions MUST be in writing and signed by all parties to this Agreement. No oral modifications or additions will be considered to be part of this Agreement unless reduced to writing and signed by all parties.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this agreement on the day and year first above written.

OWNERS' NAME PRINT                                         ______        _____  ___      


ADDRESS  ___________________________________________________           

_______________________________________                     ___________

TELEPHONE   _______________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS_________________________  

TRAINER PRINT                                                   _          ____                   

 TRAINER'S SIGNATURE________________________________________ 

                            SPRING CITY, PA. 19475
TELEPHONE    610-469-9382







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