Group Riding at Sheeder Mill Farm

45 minutes: $55 per rider            1 hour:   $65 per rider        1 Ĺ hour:  $100 per rider   2 Hour: $130 per rider


1.    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all groups.  This deposit must be sent in no later than 5 banking days of scheduled ride. Checks for deposits should be made payable to: Dori Wade.   Venmo can be paid to: sheedermillfarm
2.    Full payment is required no later than day of arrival and will be due in cash only.  If your organization needs to pay with a check it must be paid in full NO LATER than 5 banking days prior to your scheduled ride. We will not accept checks on day of arrival.
3.    It is your responsibility to call with any changes to your reservation, late arrivals, number changes, update on riders weights or cancellations due to any reason.
4.    Early arrivals are required for all parties.  For groups of 10 or more we require a 20-30 minute early arrival.  If you do not arrive early your ride will be cut short.  In the event that you miss your scheduled departure time you will forfeit your deposit and lose your opportunity to ride.
5.    Plan ahead for traffic and the possibility of getting lost, as it is your responsibility to get your group here at the required arrival time.  For large groups we call in extra staff to help accommodate your group so please be courteous of their time. A trial drive is recommended for those that have difficulty with directions.
6.    You are required to make one final phone call to SMF once everyone in your group is loaded in the vehicles leaving your location for SMF. This will help our staff to do a last check of your horses prior to your arrival.
7.    Signed release forms are required for all riders under the age of 18.  These forms must be forms from Sheeder Mill Farm and must be signed by the minorís parent(s).  Without these signed forms minors will not be allowed to ride.
8.    If your group is coming from a distance and will need to use the facilities please plan on arriving earlier than the 20-30 minutes.  As our staff will need that 20-30 minutes to helmet minors, mount and teach the basics to all of your party individually prior to departing on the trail.  
9.    We ride in all weather conditions so it will be your responsibility to call and cancel no later than 8:00 AM on the morning of your scheduled ride if your decide not to ride.  You can at that time provide us with a rain date or get back to us with one no later than 1 week from cancellation.  If we do not receive your phone call in time your deposit will be forfeited.  
Checks for deposits should be made payable to: Dori Wade.  or Venmo: sheedermillfarm

Date of trail ride:______________        Length of trail ride:_____________    Deposit sent:$_______________

Scheduled departure time for trail (we only depart on the hour):_____________________with 20-30 min early arrival.

Number of riders:_____________    Number of minors(under 18 years of age):____________________

Age of minors, Height, final Weight of rider(what is the weight the horse will be carrying including clothes shoes etc.) and Riding level of ALL riders


Printed name of event planner:________________________ Signature of event planner:_________________________

Contact phone number: ____________________________________

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